We offer high quality educational material covering a variety of health care topics pertinent to the paraprofessional healthcare worker. The material is designed to be used for inservice education purposes.

The purchase of each educational package includes:

  • Essential Guide for the Facilitator
  • Independent Learner Format
  • Attractive Overheads

Modules are updated regularly and can be delivered in two ways:

  • Instructor-led, or
  • Independent learning format.

The content can be delivered in one hour using either format. 

Contents included in each Educational Package

Learner Objectives Realistic Case Studies that develop Thinking Skills
Pre-test Mind-teasing Quotes and Jokes
Post-test Interactive and Reflective Learning Activities
Pre-test Answers Attractive Overheads
Post-test Answers Practical Handouts
Information for the Facilitator Check Your Knowledge Section
Information for the Learner References that are credible and pertinent to the topic
Current Content Material Evaluation to Determine the Effectiveness of the Module

Certificate of Completion included to be issued by the involved Agency!

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